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A podcast about the muse of the creative process through interviews with directors, writers, producers, authors, entrepreneurs, comedians, musicians and figures from all walks of life

Inspired Minds
Image by Christian Lue



The soul of artistry lies behind the scenes in the creative process and the heartbeat of greatness lies within the most inspired individuals. A podcast that goes beyond entertainment talk, guests dive into their unique histories and a world of unlimited topics. "Inspired Minds" is filled with tales of life, joy, pain and imagination 

about us

In December 2021, two longtime friends Explored the idea of a Dick Cavett talk show/Johnny Fever radio broadcast-style show. a month later, They embarked on a creative journey and this podcast was born. created AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCED by WRITER/JOURNALIST MICHAEL LEE SIMPSON and hosted by Warner Bros. RECORDS executive-TURNED THERAPIST Jeff Watson